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︎︎︎ Animation for store window displays

I collaborated with Asian luxury department store Lane Crawford and collage artist Pablo Thecuadro to create an animation for their store window displays. The looping film showcased a range of new products on digital screens outside their iconic department stores across Asia.

The animation moved through a rainbow of different colour stories, moving seamlessly between one colour composition and the next. With these animations set to be displayed in large store windows, I wanted to create a sense of looking through the glass 

at the product in a way that felt curated, yet playful and immersive. The twisting and spinning motions were inspired by the continuous motion of a spinning washing machine, with different colours twisting and contorting until each curated composition becomes clear. Maintaining a pace and continuous energy throughout. 

LaneCrawford x Freddiemade from Freddie Smithson on Vimeo.